We created WAVE (Women Against Violent Extremism) to address the characteristic effects of the Boko Haram insurgency on women and girls, such as the use of young girls as suicide bombers, the abduction of girls, the group’s opposition to girl-child education, and the plight of women made vulnerable by the violence. We also saw a distinct lack of involvement of women in Nigeria in these issues which affected them most. With our campaign, we sought to use social media to mobilize Nigerian women of different ages, ethnicities, and social class, to get involved in countering extremism and standing up for themselves and other women and girls. With our research findings informing our campaign strategies, we created the #SchoolGirlsNotSuicideBombers hashtag, visiting schools across Adamawa State, Northeast Nigeria, to sensitize at-risk girls of the dangers of being used as Boko Haram suicide bombers. We also created the WAVE 100 Women initiative which mobilized up to 10,000 women through the multiplying power of WhatsApp groups. We also campaigned actively across several social media platforms, gaining over 33,000 Facebook followers in 3 months and making more than 6 million impressions online in total. We created original campaign videos which were viewed thousands of times and we were featured on national media outlets. Our project was conceived as part of the Facebook Peer to Peer Global Digital Challenge, an inter-university competition aimed at mobilizing youth to challenge various forms of extremism through social media, in which we won 2nd place.

Project Link: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5825af4a579fb37e21744e1e/t/598316e13a04118685c7a97c/1501763492576/AUN+P2P+Submission+Spring+2017.pdf

Student Creators:

Ebiuwairo Uwagboe: International and comparative politics. Pottery, dancing and painting.






Other Collaborators: Zamiyat Abubakar & Fatimah Bashir