We are a social campaign emanating out of Dickinson College whose mission is to challenge stereotypes surrounding refugees. We seek to humanize refugees by collecting their stories and curating their work for online exhibitions. A platform for artistic presence that emphasizes individual specificity will challenge the perception of refugees as a homogeneous bloc of suffering peoples, challenging those who may be averse to accepting refugees in their own communities. We utilize social media, such as Facebook and Instagram to share refugee stories, art, and other forms of expression to help further our mission and portray them as more than their painful histories. Additionally we host days of action where we provide opportunities for the global community to participate in person or online in spreading a positive image of refugees and learning how they can take specific political action to fight for policies that support refugees. By portraying forcefully displaced people as more than a statistic, we seek to open the minds of people who may lack exposure to the experiences of those fleeing conflict and, in turn, garner support for policies that benefit refugees.

Student Creators:

Norma Jean Park:  Norma Jean Park is a senior at Dickinson college and is pursuing a major in International Studies with a minor in Spanish and Economics.Within this major, Norma is especially passionate about conflict resolution and human rights. She love to travel and explore other cultures and has had the opportunity to pursue her academic interests abroad in Israel/Palestine, Ecuador, and Argentina. In addition to working on The Refugee Show and Tell Project, Norma is very involved on campus as captain of the varsity volleyball team, writing tutor and associate at Dickinson’s multilingual writing center, academic coordinator of Delta Nu Sorority, and as a peer advisor with the office of Academic Advising. After college Norma hopes to volunteer for the Peace Corps or hold another position where she can travel and help others through work in international development and human rights protections.

Alexander Bossakov: Alexander Bossakov is an international student at Dickinson College from Sofia, Bulgaria. His academic interests manifest an appreciation of putting the humanities in conversation with the social sciences. Among many other things, he is passionate about human rights, international cooperation, language, and journalism. He also relishes in making tiramisu for his friends.

Andrea Bisbjerg: Andrea Bisbjerg is a senior International Studies and French double major at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. Aiming to pursue a career in international development, Andrea is looking into post-grad opportunities abroad in Asia or Europe which will likely culminate in a masters degree in Denmark or France. Interests include traveling, hiking, and criticizing the modern paternalistic foreign aid model which hinders economic growth and perpetuates dependency.



Julie Yao: I am an International Studies major concentrating in Globalization and Sustainability at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Penn. I’m interested in pursuing a career in development economics. Growing up in Shenzhen, China and spending my most formative years in Acton, Mass, I hope to draw on my personal experience living in these two completely different, yet increasingly close-linked global powers and learn more about how China, the United States, and other countries will cooperate with one another to better combat global issues in the broader context of globalization. In addition, I am always seeking opportunities to work on and explore ways to better causes that I care deeply about, such as immigration, women’s rights, and education.