Hope College – Class of 2017
Major: (Composite) Moral Philosophy & Psychology
Minor: Spanish

My adventures with digital humanities work began with acceptance to the Mellon Scholars Program at Hope College.  Since then I have discovered my passions for philosophy, art, ethics, and multiculturalism. My first major project was creating a documentary, Tulips & Tulipanes, about the Hispanic community in Holland, Michigan. Our documentary featured seven key figures within the Hispanic community who represent different facets of the culture and community itself. We hoped to give a voice to a community that is 30% of Holland’s population, yet barely recognized and acknowledged. My other projects include The Ethics of Expropriated Art: a Neatline map demonstrating power dynamics in the artworld, Architecture and Education in India: a Storymap tracing the philosophies of Rabindranath Tagore, and Philosophy Put to Music: a lecture-performance I gave using philosophy of art concepts to analyze classical vocal repertoire. 


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