Cornell College – Class of 2017
Major: Classical Studies
Minor: Art History

As the daughter of a teacher, I’ve always been interested in the different ways people learned new subjects. From dance to languages to math, no two people learn the same thing the same way and no two resources approach a subject in the same manner. Recently I’ve started working with Professor John Gruber-Miller in an effort to adapt already present digital resources to more efficiently and broadly teach Ancient Greek and Latin. Over the past year, we’ve created a digital and interactive website called Imagining Ancient Corinth that uses modern mapping software to follow the footsteps of the original travel writer, Pausanias, and his works pertaining to Ancient Corinth. Concurrently, I’ve been learning how to animate Latin folktales in an attempt to create a visual, aural, and literary language experience. With the rise of digital technology use in classrooms, I feel that our burgeoning field is more important now than ever before. As such, it is my hope to continue with these projects and expand my work in the Digital Liberal Arts in the years to come.

Twitter: @MiaInDigital
Facebook: Miranda Donnellan
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