10537093_10152404531969667_2490912091376674593_nWashington and Lee University – Class of 2017
Majors: Economics and German
Potential Minor: Math

Although I haven’t had the best relationships with technology in the past, I was surprised to learn this summer that computer programming is something that is actually interesting to me. Code really is just another language, and I find the study of languages intriguing. In the summer of 2015, I worked with Professor Youngman and Lenny Enkhbold on Mapping the Literary Railway in Germany in the 19th century. I learned that technology can be used in ways one might not expect- for example in the humanities- as many humanists shy away from it. I used to shy away from it as well, but I now realize that it is just another tool; as long as we are able to use it when it aids us and put it down when we don’t need it, I believe technology can be used in harmony with the goals of the humanities.