Davidson College – Class of 2017
Major: English
Minor: Digital Studies

I am an English major who likes computers. I like how the two have intermingled and created a wild, wild web of words and things: like “twerk” and “fleek”. I’m fond of Modernism and especially the poet, artist, lamp-maker, bohemian, and entrepreneur named Mina Loy. She was an early 20th Century Futurist, Dada-ist, Surrealist and more who shocked New York City with a call for “the unconditional surgical destruction of virginity through-out the female population at puberty” – amidst other things. Most of all, though, I like thinking about higher education. How can we revive a craving for agency among students – an agency to do, create, and make? So – to bring it back around – I think between computers and English, we have a good shot at bringing Loy to the digital public and students to make the most of their education.

(email) anrikard at davidson dot edu
(twitter) @anrikard