We are fortunate enough to collaborate with passionate, organized, inspiring undergraduates. Learn more about the team that makes UNRH possible each year. Select the year to learn more about the individuals of that Steering Committee:


Our Organizational Structure:

The Founders of UNRH

UNRH is managed by a Steering Committee, consisting of 5-7 undergraduates from different institutions. The Steering Committee is lead by the Chair, and each member is assigned to a region of the United States and abroad as the Regional Representative. The committee also includes a Host: the student whose institution will be holding the annual conference. Steering Committee members are responsible for contacting their regions about deadlines and events, managing conference logistics, and deciding key design elements of the conference like the theme, keynote speaker, and workshops.

In addition the Steering Committee, UNRH includes all previous participants who are still students to be Campus Representatives. These individuals receive emails with information from their Regional Representative on the Steering Committee, and then relay this information to other faculty, staff, and students on their campuses.

If you are interested in serving as a Campus Representative, even if you have not been to a UNRH conference yet, we invite you to inquire by emailing host.unrh@hope.edu.

Check out our original governance structure from the founding members in 2015. Much of this has remained the same! 

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