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Each of these organizations and institutions have members and faculty representatives lobbying for funding, space, speakers, and representation. We are so grateful for their support which has served to make the annual conference possible and assist students whose institutions do not fund them to attend. UNRH is constantly seeking to establish connections with international students, and it is thanks to our sponsors that we are able to help cover these students’ costs. Read a few of many thanks from funding recipients below.

Click on the images/logos below to learn more about that particular organization.

Interested in being a sponsor? Complete the form below or click this link! All funds go directly toward mitigating costs to students, maintaining no registration fee, and assisting students who lack financial support to attend with a special emphasis on international students.




Uzair IbrahimUzair Ibrahim

"Thank you, History Department [Hope College], for making it possible for me to fly in all the way from Pakistan to attend UNRH. Your generosity goes a long way!"

Regina Loren ValenciaRegina Loren Valencia

"I want to thank you so much for funding me in this incredible educational opportunity. It was a joyful, amazing, and enlightening experience that I know has inspired me for my future. I am so grateful, honestly. Thank you."

Shaheera PesnaniShaheera Pesnani

"Thank you so much for funding me. I wouldn't have been able to participate in this conference, gain exposure, and learn so much about digital humanities otherwise. Will always remember this."

‘Temi Oluwadare & Ebi Uwagboe‘Temi Oluwadare & Ebi Uwagboe

"Coming all the way from Nigeria has been a great experience. Knowledge truly is power and we're going back with a wealth of power to effect positive change in our community. Thank you for this opportunity."

Fahad Ahmed KhanFahad Ahmed Khan

"UNRH 2018 is not only my first international conference but also my first time outside of Pakistan. I'd really like to thank the Mellon Scholars Program for this opportunity without whom, attending UNRH '18 would not have been possible. Thank you!"

Farwa HussainFarwa Hussain

Thank you so much, Phelps Scholars for your generosity. It was a splendid experience for me and I got to learn a lot. Coming from Pakistan, this is a once in a life time opportunity and I'm forever grateful."

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