The “My Meaningful Life” project was established by the Student Experience Design Lab associated with eCampusOntario and it is managed by a small group of post-secondary students. The My Meaningful Life team is exploring ways to help students get to know themselves and their goals before starting their post-secondary journey, by focusing on two main questions: 1. “What is your definition of a meaningful life?” and 2. “How can we help post-secondary learners enjoy purposeful learning for a meaningful life?” The team is utilizing a student-centred design approach to uncover these answers by conducting interviews with students and academic advisors, reviewing current research, and reflecting on personal post-secondary experiences to identify patterns and anomalies in student experiences. The project utilizes a vast combination of qualitative research tools and the design approach has focused on: finding a problem area, defining the problem, ideating, and prototyping. This project is in the process of establishing a prototype with the aim of creating a free space beyond current roles which allows for personal growth, experimentation, invention, and innovation. The goal of this research is to create a digital method for post-secondary students to explore all of their potential future possibilities and to generate their own concept of a “meaningful life.”

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Samantha Zoe Dhillon is currently in her fourth year of an Honours Bachelor of Arts (English) degree at Lakehead University Orillia. Within her degree, Samantha is specifically interested in researching the medical humanities, specifically focusing on global literary representations of biocolonialism and biopiracy against Indigenous communities. Within professional realms, Samantha has experience working in journalism as a bureau chief for her university’s newspaper, a research assistant for a community arts project, a writing/editing coach and tutor, and a project designer for a student-led digital learning initiative. Samantha is very intrigued by the ways in which these academic and professional realms will evolve and adapt in a constantly changing digital world. After completing her undergraduate degree in May, Samantha plans to pursue a Masters degree in Cross-Cultural Digital Communications.