The Meadiaville Listening Project (MLP) is a collaborative ethnographic podcasting project within the context of Meadville, Pennsylvania. The project seeks to highlight everyday media lives in a small rust-belt town through a variety of lenses depending on the season. Students construct a series of podcasts for each season and build an interactive website that encourages visitors to think about Meadville’s media presence. Season Two is the focus for this presentation, and is rooted in community organizing as a response to feelings of alienation in the town. Three podcasts tell a story of togetherness through different approaches and can all be found on the Meadiaville website, which provide more ways to engage visitors to interact with Meadville.

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Gabby Miller is a junior at Allegheny College majoring in Community and Justice Studies and minoring in Global Health. She is from Meadville, and is so happy to have stayed there for college. She loves collaborative projects that span across community members and organizations. She works closely with youth in the area in initiatives like the new Meadville Area Teen Lounge, and wants to keep working on making Meadville an empowering place for its residents!