Brandon Walsh | Keynote Speaker | Workshop Facilitator 2017

Keynote: “Planning a DH Project When You Feel like an Imposter”

Digital humanities can seem abstract from the outside looking in. How do you get involved? If you have no background with programming or technology, is it out of your reach? In this talk, I argue against such anxieties based on my own personal background and introduction to the field. I suggest that these concerns, if you can overcome them, can actually generate real strengths: an ethical approach to collaboration and a willingness to play. The talk will also offer a few ways to think about planning projects while navigating these spaces.

Workshop: “Introduction to Text Analysis with Twitter”
This workshop will explore two tools for analyzing Twitter data – TwXplorer and EmojiSentiment – as a way into basic text analysis concepts. In particular, we will focus on the intersections of qualitative and quantitate analysis that digital humanities can expose by using techniques associated with sentiment analysis and distant reading.

Brandon Walsh is Visiting Assistant Professor in English and Mellon Digital Humanities Fellow in the Library at Washington and Lee University. He received his PhD in English from the University of Virginia, where he held fellowships in the Scholar’s Lab.

Twitter: @walshbr