My intention with The Restoration of Nell Nelson project is to restore Nell Nelson to her rightful place in history as an influential female journalist and pioneer of investigative reporting in the late nineteenth century. With the illumination of Nelson’s “City Slave Girls” series, as a fundamental exposé of the cruel and unsanitary working conditions of industrialization, I plan to highlight Nelson’s ability to overcome the gender restraints she faced as a middle-class woman unveiling the corruption of the most prominent men and successful corporations of Chicago. My project uses a variety of digital tools including (but not limited to) XML, XSLT, HTML & CSS, RelaxNG Schema, SVG, and xQuery. This project is a work in progress and development in the next month leading up to the conference will be rapid due to the recently increased project team. Current tasks of the project include: transfer to TEI XML, data visualization, hand-keyed transcription and correction of OCR transcriptions using Regular Expressions.

Rebecca Parker

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg