This past summer, we worked closely with a professor of art history at Grinnell College, Professor Jenny Anger, on a digital humanities project that focused on constructing a digital version of the Erster Deutscher Herbstsalon, a modernist art show hosted by Herwarth Walden’s Berlin-based Der Sturm Gallery in 1913.  The goal of the project is to ultimately have an online rendering of the architectural space of the show in which students can access the artworks that were hung in each room and make curatorial decisions about how to best hang the works. Using online databases, archival records, and art texts, we procured information about the exhibition and the space where it was held. This information was then utilized by a digital team at Grinnell and the University of Iowa to build a virtual rendering of the physical space in Google SketchUp. Though the project is ongoing, students are now beginning to experiment with the model in their Modern Art History class. We hope eventually to publish a publicly accessible online version of the Erster Deutscher Herbstsalon so that a greater audience will be able to learn about and interact with this historically significant Modern Art show.

Eliza Harrison // Rebekah Rennick // Lauren Toppeta // James Marlow

Grinnell College