My project is a digital database that explores modern adaptations of the Grimm Brothers fairy tales. The type of project is a transmedia storytelling project that follows the experience of a single story across multiple platforms. I am going to include books, films, board games, and live adaptations in my project. I am creating an interactive PDF that contains e-texts of each story, summaries of each adaptation, explorations of themes in each adaptation, and a comparison to the original texts. This information will be available in both English and German. I will be exploring between ten and twelve of the most popular Grimm Brothers stories and between ten and twenty adaptations of each (half from American culture and half from German culture). In the future, I plan to incorporate more and more languages until the entire world of the Grimm Brothers fairy tales has been thoroughly excavated. Furthermore, I am working with a German professor at Colgate University to figure out uses for this comprehensive resource as a teaching tool for all ages. This project is important because of the widespread nature of these tales. They are used to educate our children and to teach valuable moral lessons. It is imperative that people see the stories how they were originally meant to be read and how society has changed them over time to achieve their own goals and convey their own specific messages.

Hayley Lazzari

Colgate University