Our unnoticeable memories of touch have formed our experiences of the world which has consequently integrated haptics in the society at large. Haptics is a new research domain that aims to (re)create the sense of touch. In the scope of this project, we aim to use haptic feedback coupled with Virtual Reality to produce high fidelity flight experience in order to improve the quality of pilot training. Apart from the immediate tangible outcome of training pilots more effectively, haptic has potential in numerous other applications including, but not limited to, textile industry, remote surgery, prosthetic limbs, and vocational training.

Student Creators:

Ali Haider: An Electrical Engineering undergrad in his senior year at Habib University, he is also pursuing a minor in Computer Science. He has worked on projects involving design, mechatronics, pattern recognition, machine learning, and game development. For his Capstone Design Project, he is developing a low-cost and high-fidelity haptic feedback based solution coupled with virtual reality to provide efficient flight simulation training.

Syed Muhammad Haider Raza Rizvi: Pursuing Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science, he has been involved in course projects ranging from robotics and mechatronics to computer vision and game development, and has also served in various leadership roles and capacities over his last three years of undergrad. He is currently involved in design and development of a haptic feedback system for efficient flight simulation training of pilots in a virtual reality based environment for his Capstone Design Project.

Syed Hasan Shozab Abidi also contributed to this project.