1. Website Building

Have you always wanted to make a website,  but didn’t know where to start? Would you like to make a site specifically to host your other digital projects, blogs, or data curations? In this workshop, you will learn the basics of constructing websites using WordPress and Omeka, both of which do not require any coding! You will also learn the distinct functions, advantages, and disadvantages of the two platforms to help you determine which is best for your future projects.

Workshop Designer & Facilitator: Tori Longfield 

2. Introduction to Coding

It is time to understand the Matrix. If you have reached the limits of customization on your digital projects or are just curious about the language computers use to make our content and ideas into organized, interactive projects, then try this introduction to HTML and CSS coding workshop. No prior experience is necessary as this workshop will start at the very beginning, but come prepared to be challenged!

Designers & Facilitators:  Allie DeJongh & Jori Gelbaugh 

3. Mapping



With so many different mapping tools, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your project. In this workshop, you will learn how to use three distinct types of mapping tools: StoryMaps, Google MyMaps, and ArcGIS. You will learn about the unique advantages and disadvantages of each, equipping you to select the best tools for all your future mapping projects.


Workshop Designers & Facilitators: Isabel Friedman & Meredith Foulke 

4. Social Media & Social Justice

In the last decade social media has all but taken over primary means of communication, sharing, and even political discourse. Anyone can voice an opinion with the potential for the rest of the world to notice. With a rise in social media comes new outlets for politics and activism. In this workshop you will explore ways to use social media as a vehicle for social justice. You will also learn strategies for maintaining a critical eye on social media programs by analyzing them for potential biases.

Workshop Designer: Taylor Mills Facilitators: Taylor Mills & Hakob Parsamyan

Special Thanks to Marissa Doshi for her guidance for this workshop