This project aims to demonstrate how to read the poetry of the Nuyorican (New York-Puerto Rican) poets Miguel Algarín, Miguel Piñero, and Sandra Maria Esteves to other scholars through a digital platform.  The goal is to allow their work to transform the American canon, how we read, and how we value and conduct scholarship in American poetry.  The final product will be a scholarly website that both popularizes and validates the Nuyoricans in academic circles as current scholarship on the Nuyoricans and their work is scarce at best.  Through my own critical writing and research on the website as well as recorded performances of the works of these Nuyorican founders, I plan to use the digital to solve the problem of Nuyorican legibility through mass production of the performance.  Through the performance, Nuyorican poetry achieves its full resonance as opposed to falling flat on the page, and digital allows for a closer approximation of performance than print as well as more widespread access to these performances.  Aside from the dynamics of spoken word poetry in general, the site will also discuss uniquely Nuyorican qualities and problems such as issues and implications of language, race, and ethnicity in American popular culture.  Again, it is through the performance that these issues are best understood as the audience sees the physical body before their eyes as well as the mixture of both English and Spanish that becomes legible and gains resonance on the stage.


Elise Foote