The purpose of this project is to explore and examine the study of restrictive covenant as one of the many strategies used for discrimination and racial segregation in the city of Chicago. Moreover, the project aims to represent the research through a digital map and timeline, making it more visible and easily understandable for the students. A group of undergraduate researchers from the Lake Forest College has done their research by visiting various libraries in the city and collecting detailed information about the specific language, demographics, and information on restrictions from different books, diaries, and artifacts.
This research has found that because of the ineffective government plan, many Americans and mainly the representatives of the cultural minorities have experienced discrimination and lost their opportunity of a successful life. The government intentionally kept minorities in the suburban areas of the city, out of the main business and political parts.
The project is important as it is a compact resource for students to learn about the study of Restrictive Covenant in the twentieth century. Furthermore, it is essential in the development of the new generation. The project aims to teach students the mistakes of the history that when they become the leaders of the country they may avoid such terrible experiences.

My name is Hakob Parsamyan. I am a freshman student at Lake Forest College from Yerevan, Armenia. I have previously graduated the UWC Atlantic College in the United Kingdom, earning an International Baccalaureate Diploma. I am planning to double major in International Relations and Public Relations. I have always been actively undertaking community service by volunteering at schools and various other educational and non-educational institutions. I am a senator of the Class of 2020 in the Student Government. I have an active membership and various leadership positions in many groups and organizations on campus, including, TEDxLFC (Director & Lead-organizer), Mock Trial, Model United Nations (Vice-president), the Intervarsity Christian service (Leadership group), Concert Choir (Choir leader), Student Senate (Chair of the Class Committee) and Housing Advisory Board. My future plans lead me to pursue a JD Law degree. My aspirations towards Law and International Relations are aimed to create a more peaceful and sustainable world. I believe that unity and collaboration are potentials to change the world.