My digital humanities project contained three main components and was completed under the Mellon Summer Scholar program in 2016. At the culmination of the project I authored a creative gallery catalog, curated a space in the Gettysburg College’s Schmucker Art Gallery, and presented my research to fellow students, faculty, and administration on September 9th. To enhance my project I created two digital platforms to exhibit my work. Using Scalar and Artsteps I allow those who could not view the physical exhibition or be present at the Curator’s Talk on opening night to experience the space as if they were present. Including all of my resources and a PDF of the gallery catalog, I hope my digital scholarship will allow my work to serve as inspiration for future students. I was able to complete this project through critical collaborations with many individuals including Carolyn Sautter, the director of Gettysburg College’s Special Collections, an educational space that houses and preserves rare primary sources, Molly Reynolds, the Digital Scholarship Assistant and Gallery Preparator, and my faculty mentor, Dr. Shannon Egan. The selected works that hung in the exhibition and now can be seen at invite the viewer to critically question how the body is represented in conflict, as well as how medium, artistic style, and content shape the effectiveness of an image.

Laura Bergin