The Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities, 2019 Annual Meeting

“Voices in Digital Humanities” Program

Formal Session:

  • Voltaire Library ProjectLena Emelyn Zlock
  • Studying the Impact of Rural Electrification in Village Hashim Mirbahar – Hunza Irfan & Muhammad Arhum
  • Mapping the Past: A Visual History of Kearney Army Air Field – Tatiana Moore
  • Rural Places Queer Spaces – Mark Myers
  • Times, Space and Memory: The Urban Everyday, Exploring Identities in the City – Zahra Sohail Mukhi
  • Decolonizing the Archive – Kelsey Martin
  • Indigenous Women and the Marketplace: Agency, Culture, and Empowerment – Carolyn Wetzel & Kelly Fuhs

Poster Session 1: 

  • Human Trafficking Awareness in the Form of an Immersive Experience – Erin Campbell
  • Digital Catharsis: A Developing Model for the Benefits and Pitfalls of Social Media Movements – Stephen Cook
  • Meadiaville Listening Project – Gabrielle Miller
  • My Meaningful Life – Samantha Zoe Dhillon
  • Advertising in North India: Languages, Scripts, and the Politics of Education – Victoria Anibarro

Poster Session 2:

  • Haptic Feedback Muhammad Ali Haider Dar, Syed Hasan Shozab Abidi & Syed Muhammad Haider Raza Rizvi
  • Consequences of E-waste on Developing Countries – Uswa Ali Memon
  • Chronicles of Pakistani Youth: The Online Edition – Shayaan Aijaz Malik
  • Comparative study of Defensive Urbanism in Karachi and London – Kashmala Tahir
  • Playground – Abiha Batool

Poster Session 3:

  • Demands Met and Voices Lost: Reshaping Institutional Narratives of Change – Yashita Kandhari, Sanzari Aranyak & Arianna Montero-Colbert
  • Mina Loy: Navigating the Avant-Garde – Leah Mell
  • Through Mountain and Desert: Geography of Chinese Workers Building the Transcontinental Railroad – Stephanie Niu
  • LGBTQIA Oral History – Duncan Davies
  • Digital Scholarship Internship, Social Knowledge and Educational Resources – Anna Honcharova