We at UNRH are proud to announce receiving official sponsorship from the Association of Computers for the Humanities (ACH).  The ACH is a prominent organization in the digital humanities field with a long history of supporting and promoting digital scholarship and research. According to the ACH’s site:

Founded in 1978, the ACH dates back to a period when the landscape of computing, and its relation to the humanities, looked very different from that of today. In the more than three decades since, developments in both technology and in the ways humanists understand and use technology have fundamentally transformed both domains. As the major US professional association for computing humanists, the ACH has provided a forum for the research, discussions, and technical explorations that have fueled this transformation. It has also grown from a small community into a much more substantial association; the annual Digital Humanities conference (now sponsored by ADHO, ACH’s parent organization) now attracts about 400 attendees and continues to grow.

UNRH expresses many thanks to ACH member Amanda Viscontini for seeking us out, as well as the ACH board for approving a generous donation for UNRH’s 2018 InterHumanities Conference.


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