Scott Stoudt-Co-Host

School: The College of Wooster ‘19
Major: Computer Science
Minors: Classical Studies & Ancient Mediterranean Studies

On campus, I am a teaching assistant for Wooster’s new Digital Humanities class where I work closely with the professor to shape the course and educate administrators, faculty, and students on what DH is and why it is important. Most recently I completed my Junior Independent Study on graph centrality algorithms and the usefulness of network analysis. On the humanities side of my work, I conducted research on comparative mythology where I analyzed mythologies from various cultures and civilizations, compared and contrasted them, and offered insight on how a civilization’s morals, values, and beliefs are projected into their legends.

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Tanaka Chingonzo-Co-Host

School: The College of Wooster ’21
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Sociology

Tanaka Chingonzo is a sophomore at The College of Wooster. His academic interests lie at the intersection of data analysis and natural language processing. Tanaka is a global shaper with the Cleveland Hub, and he has a passion for entrepreneurship having founded and raised funding for two ventures.

Tanaka’s most recent projects have been around analyzing and visualizing data, software engineering and building a twitter bot for his intro to digital to humanities class through which he attended UNRH18 at Hope College. He is excited to continue applying computer science to answer humanistic questions and make connections  between people and data. He writes about this work and interesting Digital Humanities projects on his blog.

Twitter: @tanakachingonzo

Arianna Montero-Colbert

School: Davidson College ’19
Major: Sociology
Minor: Digital Studies

Arianna Montero-Colbert is a student, educator, programmer, and organizer committed to advancing the accessibility of critical theory through digital education projects. Throughout her undergraduate career, she has co-authored publications on migration, climate change, gendered violence, and the ethics of digital methodologies, and consulted on various instructional design initiatives. Looking forward, she is excited to submit her first original work for publication in 2019 on the relationship between student activism and campus police forces in the United States. Since the fall of 2016, she has worked on instructional design, content curation, and course facilitation at TechChange— a DC-based elearning platform. While most of her past projects involve explorations into digital pedagogy, she has always been invested in the ways that games serve as a vital tool of socialization regarding the implicit norms and values in our society.

UNRH2018 Project: Socially Responsible Gaming


Fahad Ahmed Khan

School: Habib University ’19
Major: Computer Science

I am a Senior year undergrad student currently enrolled in the Computer Science program at Habib University, Pakistan. When not studying, I spend my time reading, watching movies and TV shows, playing video games and working as a freelance developer.


UNRH2018 Project: Space Network Analysis


Aine O’Connor

School: Hope College ‘20
Majors: English & History

My name is Aine O’Connor. I am a junior at Hope College studying English and History, originally from South Bend, Indiana. In addition to my studies I am also an RA, student leadership team member in residential life, vice president of Phi Alpha Theta (history honor society), and an avid beachgoer. While at Hope, my ideas for projects have been called everything from “inventive” to “random” by my professors, covering topics like my town’s experience of World War I, representation of disability in YA fiction, Mister Rogers, and 19th century birth practice in the United States (really!) Joining Hope’s digital humanities program-known as the Mellon Scholars-seemed like the perfect fit so that I could continue my inventive projects without waiting for a class that fit within that idea. I love the accessibility and potential for social justice in DH, and cannot wait to shout its praises even more than usual as part of UNRH!


Taylor Mills-Chair

School: Hope College ’17
Major: (Composite) Moral Philosophy & Psychology
Minor: Spanish

My adventures with digital humanities work began with acceptance to the Mellon Scholars Program at Hope College.  Since then I have discovered my passions for philosophy, art, ethics, and multiculturalism. My first major project was creating a documentary, Tulips & Tulipanes, about the Hispanic community in Holland, Michigan. Our documentary featured seven key figures within the Hispanic community who represent different facets of the culture and community itself. We hoped to give a voice to a community that is 30% of Holland’s population, yet barely recognized and acknowledged. My other projects include The Ethics of Expropriated Art: a Neatline map demonstrating power dynamics in the artworld, Architecture and Education in India: a Storymap tracing the philosophies of Rabindranath Tagore, and Philosophy Put to Music: a lecture-performance I gave using philosophy of art concepts to analyze classical vocal repertoire.

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