Welcome to the Network

Dear UNRH participants,

When the Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities first formed, we, the founders, envisioned a community of students collaborating in a physical space at our annual conference as well as interacting in a virtual space. We wanted a true network of undergraduate scholars boldly contributing to intersection of the digital and the humanities who could communicate across disciplines, institutions, and even nations in order to help one another succeed and learn. We hope that this public forum will make this mission a reality, providing an online space for such interactions. We invite you to participate! Tell us who you are and about what you are passionate, share your recent discoveries, ask questions, tell your peers about new technologies, articles, or tools you found, and let us know about your successes so that we may share in them. We are the future of the humanities, so let’s approach that future together.

From all of us at UNRH, welcome to the Network.


The UNRH Steering Committee