2019 Voices in Digital Humanities Conference

“Digital humanities provides a great opportunity to bridge the gap between many sides of academia and because of that we are exposed to new thoughts, opinions, and ideas. “Voices in DH” really highlights the new and important conversations that arise when people from different backgrounds come together to further the discussion digital humanists are involved in.” ~Fahad Ahmed Khan

“As discussions surrounding the sustainability of the humanities rage on, we believe we need more voices at the table to bring unique experiences and abilities to these debates. Digital humanities enable ever more of these voices to be heard and accessed, with a better, more diverse academic and personal world following behind.”~Aine O’Connor

“The digital humanities present interdisciplinary lenses through which to examine the world, present and historical issues. UNRH19 convenes students and individuals from different parts of the world to foster conversations around different ways we can use these tools and projects to understand and solve problems.”~Tanaka Chingonzo

“How have digital spaces changed the way that we express ourselves? How can digital tools expand, reshape, and recreate traditionally exclusive institutions to be for the many — and when is technology not enough? How is our academic research including, centering, and listening to the voices of the people we purport to help? How can we as undergraduates find our voice in a sea of PhD’d professionals?”~Arianna Montero-Colbert

The 2019 Voices in Digital Humanities UNRH conference focuses on bringing together the voices of undergraduates to share, listen, and learn from one another in the growing but still limiting for undergraduates field of Digital Humanities. The conference will be February 22-24 at the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio USA. Follow the links below or the tabs above to learn more about this year’s schedule, workshops, speaker, and participants.