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InterHumanities: 2018 Conference Theme

This year UNRH designed a theme for the 2018 conference! To be clear, submissions do not have to pertain to the theme nor will they receive preferential treatment if they do. That being said, this year’s theme is InterHumanities, discussing the importance and challenges of collaboration across disciplines and beyond.

Right now our nation, and to an extent, the world, is greatly divided. Politics, competing interests, and prejudices are contributing to divisive times. We at UNRH firmly believe that the Digital Humanities represents the best of bridging dividing lines as it is by nature an interdisciplinary process. In fact, the digital humanities not only promotes interdisciplinary efforts, but also inter-institutional and even international collaboration. With modern technologies making communication and access more readily available, the digital humanities is leading higher education in encouraging a diversity of ideas, perspectives, and experiences to create amazing collaborative efforts. So, UNRH will be celebrating the “inter” elements of digital humanities scholarship where disciplines, institutions, and nations work together to further knowledge and understanding of the humanities.

We look forward to discussing this theme with you in February.

2018 Conference Time and Location Announced

This year we are excited to announce Hope College in Holland, MI will be hosting UNRH’s 2018 conference! Hope has a long history with Digital Humanities, pioneered by William Pannapacker, author of several published articles about DH in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Dr. Pannapacker also founded Hope’s Andrew C. Mellon Scholars Program, a digital liberal arts chapter cultivating research and digital interests in some of Hope’s most enthusiastic learners. Mellon students have produced volumes of digital projects, presented at the National Celebration of Undergraduate Research, Posters on the Hill, and of course, UNRH, to name a few. Hope College is very excited to expand its connections with other students who are involved in digital humanities research and looks forward to hosting.

Click here to learn more about Hope College’s Mellon Scholars Program.