1. I have completed a humanities project that I would like to present, but it does not have a digital piece. Can I still submit a proposal?

No. This is a conference for undergraduate research in the humanities, but we are emphasizing digital research and scholarship. Though your project does not have to be entirely digital, we want to explore humanities through the creation of digital projects either by producing a digital piece, or by using digital technologies to conduct the research, such as data and text analysis.

2. My project is not entirely my own! I worked on this project with fellow peers. Is that okay?

Yes. Digital humanities scholarship is all about collaboration. You can apply if you completed a project on your own or in a group. Be sure to give the proper accreditation to your collaborators.

3. My research or digital scholarship is part of my professor’s research. Can I still present?

Yes. One of the bills of A Student Collaborators’ Bill of Rights states that “students should be empowered to present on projects on which they have collaborated.” Of course you should give proper accreditation for your professor’s work and ideas, but you have ownership over the parts of the project created by yourself or the ideas you contributed. Do discuss with your professor and fellow collaborators what this protocol looks like for your project.

4. Does my project need to be completed before the proposal submitted or by the time of the conference? Can I have a work in progress?

No and Yes. Digital humanities scholarship is a process. Your project does not have to be complete by the conference, but we do expect each presentation to last approximately 7 minutes. You can choose to present a completed project or a work in progress.

5. What if I just graduated? Can I still attend?

No, unless you are graduating in December and applying with a project you completed as an undergraduate.The work presented at the conference will be created by undergraduates and presented by undergraduates.

6. Can I revise my project/proposal after submission?

If you have already submitted a proposal and want to revise or edit this proposal, please contact host.unrh@gmail.com if the deadline for submissions has not yet passed. If the submission deadline has passed you will not be able to revise or edit your proposal in any capacity.

7. Does my project/proposal have to align with the conference theme?

No, your project/proposal does NOT have to align with the conference theme.

8. What if my institution will not support me or my attendance at the conference?

Please contact us if you are experiencing lack of support from your institution. We are undergraduates ourselves and understand the levels of institutional bureaucracy associated with seeking financial assistance from our institutions. We are here to help you present your work. We want to make it happen.

9. Can I attend the conference if I am Faculty or Staff?

Possibly. Please contact host.unrh@gmail.com if you are interested in viewing the presentations, however only undergraduates are permitted to present.

10. Can I attend the conference if I am not presenting?

If you desire to actively participate and observe in the conference without the desire to present, you can contact us via email at host.unrh@gmail.com. Due to the limited number of space and the competitive nature of this conference, there will be no funding opportunities for those who wish to attend only.

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