We’re an organization working to address the lack of cross-institutional support for undergraduate research in the humanities. We are InterHumanities, the space or bridges between groups, acting to bring students and ideas together. We are interdisciplinary, inter-institutional, and international.

To reverse the culture of separation and limited or nonexistent support for undergraduates, we’ve become that collective of students from a wide array of colleges and universities. Our mission is to promote, present, and encourage rigorous student research in the humanities, especially with an emphasis on digital humanities. UNRH provides both a physical space for student interactions in the form of an annual conference, and a virtual space on our website with a forum built for the exchange of ideas. We believe undergraduates ought to have access to one another to foster further learning, collaboration, and peer review. UNRH strives to act as a resource to bring undergraduates from institutions all over the world.

Our network has been steadily growing. Since our first conference in November, 2015, we have accepted 76 projects, involving over 100 undergraduates from 34 institutions all across the United States, Canada, Nigeria, Ukraine, and Pakistan.